PPDT researches and delivers precision diagnostic and treatment services to the field of Prostate Cancer. Revenues have grown from zero to £12m and PPDT, through its …
Soza Health
Soza Health provides employers with the ability to measure the level of health of their employees. It is a preventive health system which seeks to guide …
Pattni-Dossani Group
The Pattni-Dossani Group (PDG) of companies came together with the single goal of enabling people. PDG strives to work with startups and SME companies to help …
Credit Sureties
Credit Sureties is a Bedford based commercial property company. Camilla serves as a Director, and actively manages the Companies property and investment portfolio.
Since 1999, Recoco (Relocation: Coast & Country) has independently advised, negotiated and purchased fine properties in the most beautiful locations across England.  Camilla has joined the …
Nearfield AI
A CFO role in a start up that will deliver step changes in automation to back office processes including marketing, finance and operations. This business is …
A start up to explore to develop IP in the lab grown protein space. A Finance and Business development role. Sweat equity provided while the business …
Kipp Popert Golf
Kipp Popert is the world #1 golfer for the G4D golf series. Investcope provides business advice and accounting services.
Claire Walton Property
Business advisory role for Claire Walton Property.

We have also supported the following businesses :

Fit flamingos
Howbury Farm Flowers