Parklands community internet

Firstly, I did not gain sufficient interest from Parklands residents to allow the project to be economically viable, despite being non-profit. The simple truth is that high speed rural internet is not cheap.

Secondly, I have, for my own purposes, commissioned a leased line into my house. Virgin Media are busy installing the line. It is not cheap. £600 a month.

Third, all of Parklands residents might get to benefit. Virgin are running high speed fibre cables into the estate, and installing a junction box. While I cannot confirm it, my strong suspicion is that they are using my installation, at my expense, to add the capability to supply the rest of the estate on normal domestic tariffs. While this will be broadband not a leased line, and therefore subject to traffic jams at peak periods, it should help you all get better internet service if and when it comes. I have no idea if or when Virgin will make available a service, but my install goes live early July, so you might want to enquire after that. If it happens, please remember my £25,000 investment over 3 years made it possible, and I donít benefit financially!! Iíve done this for both my own needs and also to help our community.

For anyone wanting to share my 100Mb leased line, perhaps business users, I am still open for setting up a point to point WIMAX solution to allow you to piggy back the line. I am only really interested in people prepared to pay £100 a month for a leased line, not £20 a month broadband users. As a consequence, this is probably only going to be of interest to a small number of business users, or those with YouTube Kids!