No Raclette 2012

Please Steve, come to Morzine !!
"Oh Beanster oh Beanster you are such a fool
Not to come to Morzine would be so uncool
We love you we love you, you must understand
If you don't come skiing, we will be undermanned

Oh beanster oh Beanster you know it makes sense
Four days in Morzine, there is no defense
We love you, we love you, we want you to come
The cold beer is waiting, the women buxom

Your wife says it's ok so you must fill your boots now
Four days with the boys will hardly be highbrow
But you know it makes sense, the Boys will not be whole
Without the Beanster in Morzine, impossible to console"

Two working days
That's all

We love you Beanster
We need you Beanster

   Go on.

Make us all happy xxxx