Market Strategy
The U.S. is a major market for any global company, but where does a company begin?  How does a company know if the U.S. government or commercial marketplace presents a viable opportunity?  ITS provides customized market research for international companies analyzing their potential in the U.S.

Market research reports include a customized analysis of:

Client / Partner Meetings
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to set up meetings with partners and potential clients while based in another country and/or time zone.  ITS assists in setting up one-on-one meetings with your target U.S. decision-makers and provides logistical support in making sure that your company representatives get to the right meeting place on time.  This allows your sales team to make the most of their visits to the U.S. by concentrating on the deal rather than logistics. 

Account Management
As your U.S. sales begin to accelerate, you may need someone to service your largest clients and hiring full-time personnel in the U.S. may not be an option at this stage.  ITS staff can serve to manage your company’s important U.S. accounts—meeting with key decision-makers regularly and providing your business with essential customer feedback.  ITS staff can also act as a catalyst to facilitate business development within other divisions of existing clients.

ITS can serve as your company’s official full-time or part-time representation in the U.S. market:

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