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Fund raising

As fund raisers for the group we recognise that any initiatives have to be effective both in terms of cost and time.

For this reason we concentrate exclusively on running two Jumble Sales per annum, in Spring and Autumn. By so restricting activities we are able to ensure that our sales are the biggest and best in Bedfordshire and attract loyal support from Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, Scouting parents, leaders, ex-Scout parents, the people of Bromham and customers from all over Bedford and surrounding counties. Even the refreshments offer superb quality and value.

We aim to capitalise on the fact that Bromham Scout Jumble Sales have a long history of success,  The people of Bromham appreciate the collection service and are keen to support a group which does so much for local children.We have been involved in the Sales for over 18 years and have run them for over 15 years. We still feel a frisson of excitement when we see the queue of customers in the Village Hall car park and can't wait to hear the amount raised at the end of the sale.

We never know what is going to turn up for sale. Items donated in recent years have included a caravan and a swimming pool. Costs have, naturally, increased over the years and it now costs us about 570 to run the event (Hall hire, skip hire and advertising). Sponsorship of these costs is always welcome.

In recent sales our takings have been in the range 1500 - 1800. A staggering amount given that the sale lasts for about  2 hours. Prices are kept low to aid clearance. Inevitably, we have to throw away some items but we do manage to sell the textile waste and books and we donate some items to other charities.
Our 2011 sales are scheduled as follows:

March 26 2011     2.00pm          Village Hall

October 15 2011  2.00pm          Village Hall

We generally manage to round up a good team of helpers. Of particular note are a number of people whose children and grandchildren were Scouts many years ago. Although the work in preparing the goods for sale is hard the atmosphere is remarkably friendly and relaxed.
Finally, we need to acknowledge the generous help of the Parish Council, the Village Hall manager (who has now forgiven us for selling one of her plants) and the Bromham Show Committee for loaning their trailer.

If you can help with this fund raising effort, require further information, or have ideas for other events please contact us:

Telephone: 01234 825491  Email:

Ros and David Shippin