New product line – Jugs replace bottles

Punctureseal welcomes and listens to customer feedback. In respect to our bottle range, customers loved the product, but had views to share on our 800ml bottles. Their comments were :

  1. A 800ml bottle was often not enough to meet their needs to treat four tyres, having to purchase two or three bottles to allow them to complete their task.
  2. Using the bottle, it was difficult to dispense the product accurately, and difficult to use all the product in the bottle.
  3. The bottle did not allow application of product to a tyre under pressure.
  4. The gap between a 800ml bottle and the trade size of a 18.9L Pail was too wide a range.

The Jugs that Punctureseal now provide solve these problems.

  1. The sizes are 900ml (31 units), 2.3L (78 units) and 4.6L (156 units). Remember, we have a dosage calculator.
  2. The jug is supplier with a valve connector and a pump, allowing application of product up to 20 PSI of pressure.
  3. The pump allows accurate dispensing in 1 unit (30ml) increments.
  4. The 4.6L Jug is just under 25% of the 18.9L Pail size.

We supply two grades of product in Jugs, Commercial grade, good for bicycles, motorbikes, cars and vans, and Extreme Heavy Duty, good for larger vehicles and off road applications. You can buy our Jug range online or by contacting our sales team. Alternatively, we also sell on eBay. Please remember we have an online dosage calculator that will help you determine how much product to use. Trade customers looking to treat multiple vehicles should consider the 18.9L Pail size and manual pump, referring also to our trade page.

Bottle discontinuation

We are discontinuing the bottle range once current stocks are sold.

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Handling punctures

If you are a Punctureseal customer and either experience a puncture, or find a nail, screw or similar object in your tyre, please follow this advisory.

  • If the foreign object is not found within the footprint width of the tyre, as shown, pleasetyre cross section replace the tyre. Punctureseal cannot help you. It is dangerous to continue to operate your vehicle in this state.


  • When an object punctures the tyre in the area represented by the footprint width, Punctureseal will reduce or even stop air leaking from the tyre while the object remains in the tyre. (Punctureseal is however not intended as a seal for accommodating resident puncturing objects for any length of time.)


Removal Procedure of the puncturing object after either a visual pressure loss or routine inspection of the tyre confirms a puncture:-

  1. Check if there has been any air loss and if so, inflated to its correct level.
  2. Remove the puncturing object and then drive the vehicle immediately normally down the road 500 metres and back.Depending on the nature of the wound, sometimes when removing the object some initial leakage/spitting of air and sealant from the area may be experienced and also as the vehicle drives away)  This is normal.
  3. The correct internal air pressure and centrifugal force of the spinning wheel both assist to push sealant into the split/hole.
  4. If a flap had been created by the foreign object penetrating the tyre, driving the vehicle under its own weight provides dynamic road rolling pummelling of the puncture wound to stabilise any flap or overlap allowing for the plug to correctly form the seal.
  5. Check and adjust if necessary tyre pressure again.
  • If you find a screw in the tyre, try to unscrew it rather than simply pulling it out.
  • If you find a small nail, remove it and the seal is not correctly made, widening the hole with a bigger nail and repeating the process often solves the problem.
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Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly magazine article

A great reference for Punctureseal in the MMM magazine (June 2014)
Please consider subscribing to the magazine.



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Punctureseal 2Q 2014 newsletter

newsThe Punctureseal 2Q 2014 newsletter has been released, with information on our QR codes, certified bar codes, BSi membership, new office address and confirmation of recent upgrades to our mobile apps -


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Privacy statement

Punctureseal releases a Privacy statement.

In order to protect our customers and visitors to our web site, Punctureseal is pleased to formally release a Privacy Statement.

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Tyre measurements explained

If you see a road tyre with the measurements in the format below:

205 /      55   R    /      16   91 W
A    /      B           /        C      D   E

Then the following process allows you to determine the dimensions of the tyre:



A = Width of tyre (in millimetres)
In this example it shows that the tyre is 185mm wide.

B = Tyre profile as a percentage of width (A).
In this example the ratio is 60% of 185mm. This works out as 111mm.

C = Diameter of inner rim (in inches).
In this example it shows that the rim is 15″ in diameter.

D = the load rating, e.g the maximum load that can be placed on the tyre.

E = Tyre speed rating.


Read the full article, including information on Loads per tyre, tyre speed rating, and cycle tyre measurements

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1Q 2014 newsletter is released.

newsOur 1Q 2014 newsletter is released.
Click here to read it.

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Mobile apps v1.1 released

appsVersion 1.1 of our mobile app has been released. Updates include :

- Addition of a Dosage calculator. Simply enter your tyre dimensions into the app, press calculate, and get the correct dosage.

- Typos and fixes. We have corrected spelling mistakes, and renamed some of the files on Dropbox to make them easier to identify on the small screen.

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Punctureseal launches mobile apps for iPhone and Android

iPhone app store logoAs part of our strategy to support customers in the field, we have launched our iPhone app.


Google play logoWe have also launched an app for Android.



These mobile apps compliment our mobile site at

The app has our YouTube videos on board, lists our Blog, Twitter and Facebook articles, and allows customers to download key documents from our Document library. The app also includes a dosage calculator  and Return on Investment tool.



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Mobile web site

HTML5_Logo_512Punctureseal has  released a mobile version of its web site, optimised for the small screen. Visit

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